officer of the month


Life Saving Award
Det. Sgt. Michael Williams
P.O Michael Antista
Jana Tyler, civillian

     On October 14, 2009, Det. Sgt. Williams and P.O. Antista along with Ms. Tyler, a civilian performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on a victim who went into cardiac arrest. As a result of their life saving efforts, the victim was transported to the hospital and is alive today.


Unit Citation/Burglary
Sgt. Scott Sybel
P.O. Ralph Cavallo
P.O. Aldrin Lamboy
P.O. Joseph Inglima

P.O. John Dalton

     On June 22, 2009 P.O. Ralph Cavallo responded to a reported burglary in progress. Upon arriving, P.O.Cavallo immediately broadcasted a description of the actor to other units.
     While checking the area for the actor, P.O. Aldrin Lamboy was advised by off-duty P.O. John  Dalton of a suspicous actor in front of 140 Prospect Ave. As P.O. Lamboy approached the actor he observed the actor sweating and breathing heavy. He also observed large bulges coming from the actors two front pockets. The actor became nervous and fled. P.O. Lamboy began chasing the actor and gave a description and location of pursuit. The actor ran into an underground parking garage that was under construction. At this time, P.O. Joseph Inglima also began to chase actor. The
actor was placed into custody after a brief struggle. All evidence from the burglary was secured from the actor along with crack cocaine. Additional evidence was secured at the scene of the burglary by Sgt. Scott Sybel and P.O. Cavallo. Due to the quick thinking, observational skills, endurance and communication of these officers working together, a known violent criminal was taken off the street and the victim's possessions were returned to them safely.
Life Saving Award
P.O. Jason Klosk
     On March 27, 2008, P.O. Jason Klosk responded to a call of an infant not breathing. Upon arrival at the scene, P.O. Klosk assisted the victim's mother with cardiopulmonary resuscitation. As a result of their efforts, the three month old was successfullly revived and transported to the hospital where he recovered.
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